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And how! 10-25-06 22:20
There. Finally went to bed last night after being mildly satisfied with my journal. For a lack of any HTML shkillz whatsoever, I think it looks rather nice.

Went back up to Portland after class today. Ate dinner at Romano's Macaronni Grill. Which, in case you ever want to treat a boy to dinner, is my favorite resturaunt. Bowties with pesto sauce, grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts. To. Die. For.

Went and bought a birthday present for a friend at Nordstrom's RACK. Another favorite. This is an amazing store, but only if you go near the beginning of the month. CHEAP premium denim and shoes. And a lot of really cool Volcom shirts and outerwear.

Now I'm home (Portland home), bored and tired. Which is strange, seeing as my normal bed time has been somewhere in the neighborhood of two to three A.M. But maybe I'll turn in a little early and reserve some strength for what sounds like too much of a good weekend. Kevin and John are coming down from SHELTON, and we plan on showing them Eugene's finest. Which probably means I'm going to spend too much money on alcohol, and consume even more than that. Then on Saturday...
Yeeahhhh! 10-26-06 20:41
Rollin' on double posts.
ITP. 10-25-06 02:25
Still working the kinks out. Yuck.
-icular swelling. 10-25-06 02:25
Hello, 10-25-06 01:27
My name is Jacob. I'm new to Elowel, but not to blogging. I don't know how often I'll use this, but who knows, maybe I'll suprise myself. First things first; fixing this blank slate is priority number one. Clean, I guess. Formalities, also. I'm on FaceBook as well, but that may take some slight work to get to. Now for some grinding out of obsolete HTML. "Get at meh!"